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Hello, I'm Melineh and I’m the baker and dessert connoisseur behind the gourmet dessert shop Wild Bakes & Cakes. I fell in love with baking by watching my mom bake growing up. She has been a big influence in my dessert creation world. About 4 years ago I decided to take my passion for desserts to a new level. I wanted to create a place where art and sweets come together to fashion something delicious, wild, and pure.
Passionate and creative, I love coming up with fresh exciting recipes that combine contemporary and traditional flavors. Sometimes it’s a miss, but when I stumble upon something amazing it ends up here in my shop for you to indulge in. 
My goal is to make everything from fresh and natural ingredients. I don't use any preservatives or added flavors. I'm a big fan of keeping things that we eat as natural as possible.  
I love sharing interesting and delicious dessert recipes as well, so make sure you sign up for my newsletter and check out my blog for new inspiration.  
Thank you for visiting my shop, and I hope you find something that will bring sweetness to your life. 

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